About Revenue Mentor

What Is Revenue Mentor ?

Revenue Mentor is a web-based platform that gives you a way to make money online easily! It Is quite simply one of the easiest ways to make money online today!

It’s workable by anyone of any skill Level no matter your previous experience! It can be worked as a side job or a full-time endeavor!

And finally, it is a way you can make money and get Paid on your first day.

Who We Are

Our Story

When I first started trying to make money online, I was trying every way I could find, and while some of them actually work, a lot of them require you to have an established blog, social media following or website to really get going. Being new to making money online I didn’t have these tools available to me yet.

One of the things I hated the most was signing up for programs that promise a low monthly fee but when you get in you find out you have to spend thousands to even unlock the ability make the kind of money they were promising.

The other major issue was finding programs that did have a very low signup cost or even free membership however they never actually pay you. You spend a tremendous amount of your time and give maximum effort only to find out it was all for nothing because the program developer is greedy and doesn’t want to pay.

I was just about fed up with the whole process and ready to throw in the towel when, as it happened I was talking to a friend of mine and mentioned that there just wasn’t a cheap and easy way to make money online and that I really wished someone would make one. He said to me, “you have some skills with website development and you just finished your masters degree with a focus on digital marketing, surely you, can come up with something that would work”. It was those words that started my journey to this point.

I began to pick apart all of the different programs I had seen or worked in the past to find all the best parts. I wanted to create something that was Super easy to do and extremely cheap to start up because I wanted my friends to be able to work it as well. It had to be worth my time to work it and one of the biggest things was that it had to allow people to get paid quickly and conveniently because no one wants to wait 2 – 4 weeks to get paid nor do they want to have to cash a check after that. I think what I came up with is really exciting it provides all I was looking for in a platform but also offers the opportunity to help others not only make really good money but also learn how to maximize their earning potential.

Through my research I came across A few different types of people who want to make money online, some want to do as little as possible while still offering reasonable income so the platform had to offer those individuals a way to do that. But there are those of us that understand the true potential of making money online.  For those individuals willing to put in the time and effort the platform offers something completely different. It offers them the opportunity to change their lives, to free up more of their time to spend with family and friends. It offers them a way to build their financial security with both active and even passive income streams. The best part is that you don’t need to be a digital marketing genius to work it, Sure if your experienced at making money online it will help but this platform is so easy that even if you have never tried making money online before you can make this platform work for you it’s that simple. No Hocus-Pocus, no need for expensive and confusing funnels and websites. Just you and your phone, tablet, or computer it even works on web-enabled smart tv’s.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower every person through our training and tools to achieve success & financial freedom.”

What Makes Revenue Mentor Different ?

Individual Online Learning

The beauty of the training programs are that they are taylored to fit any need. If you’re a beginner than start with the basics and work your way up. A seasoned veteran? Well we have training for you too! No matter your skill level our programs can help you in some way.


Complete Platform Solution Built With The Affiliate In Mind

Revenue Mentor was created for the affiliate and it was built so that the affiliate could make the most possible money in the shortest amount of time. It can be hard to get started making money online,  but it doesn’t have to be. We teach our members the necessary skills to grow a profitable business, but that takes time and with our platform we give you the ability to earn while you learn.


Community Development

One of the most important considerations with any platform is the community around it! We put a focus on the Revenue Mentor community to build a network of like minded people that help each other succeed. Use the experience of others to help grow your own business, but just remember to “Pay It Forward” and help others. With us all working together we can’t fail!


The Team

Our team is dedicated to your success! We push ourselves to provide the best training and tools to insure your continued success in you business development.


Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee, a graduate of Full Sail University obtained a Master of Science Entertainment Business with a focus on Digital Marketing and has over 15 years of web development experience, 10 years of Usability and Quality Assurance experience, and 5 years of Digital Marketing concept development. With a passion for training and helping others. He is focused and dedicated to helping others realize their full potenial. A strong believer, inspired leadership and mindset development.

Joey Kinney

Joey Kinney, a trained Customer Sales & Support Specialist and Veteran Quality Assurance Manager, became interested in the project, after gaining the understanding, that our primary focus was on helping individuals achieve success. She brings 6 years of Usability and Quality Assurance testing experience and a passion for helping others. Her skills and dedication will be a great asset to the team! 

Kimberly "Jade" Shewmaker

Kimberly “Jade” Shewmaker, worked as a Product Reviewer for Smashkitty.com and began her Product Testing/Reviewer career as a Quality Assurance Specialist with Source Code Games. She has a passion for helping others find the best products for their needs. An avid blogger, she enjoys sharing her opinion about products, games, technology, health & wellness, and other topics, but most important to her is helping others realize the version of themselves.

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